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The 21 Life Lessons I learned in 2021

Although the last two years have felt like a lifetime of isolation, living in fear, gut-wrenching headlines, unprecedented experiences, and uncertainties in all aspects of life, I find myself looking ahead to the new year.

As we wrap up, 2021, I wanted to share with you my 21 silver linings of 2021, which I will take with me into 2022.

  1. There are always opportunities, if not create your own.

  2. Letting go is a long-term project.

  3. A happy & safe home is important.

  4. Self-care isn’t selfish.

  5. Kindness is always the way.

  6. Health may be the new wealth.

  7. Throw away the idea of perfection.

  8. Cherish your people.

  9. Keep defining your why.

  10. Dogs make the best colleagues.

  11. Keep showing up for yourself.

  12. Change is the only true constant.

  13. Emotions are temporary and resilience can be learned.

  14. Stay connected to those who lift you up.

  15. Work is healthy.

  16. Never settle out of fear.

  17. Listening is the key to healthy communication.

  18. Accept help from others

  19. Embrace flexibility, it helps us reach our goals.

  20. There is opportunity, in saying "yes", and power in saying "no"

  21. Gratitude supports a balanced mind.

What silver linings are you taking with you into 2022? I'd love to hear from you, e-mail at

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