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Are you looking for HR Services-On-DEMAND?

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Effective Human Resources managers and departments help structure their organizations to have the most appropriate skills available for use. You don’t ‘stock up’ on skill sets used only occasionally. You sub-contract those skills as needed, to maintain cost-effectiveness and have access to superior skill sets, experience, and knowledge base.

Customize Your HR Services

Taryn M Consulting offers a range of specialty services designed to supplement your current Human Resource capabilities. By outsourcing projects and tasks to experienced specialists, you ensure quality results and minimize execution time.

For growing businesses, the decision of when to add Human Resources personnel can be problematic. You will have some basic administrative needs – and an occasional requirement for more sophisticated skills. Taryn M Consulting allows you to outsource basic capabilities regularly. This flexibility enables you to grow, and add our Professional Services when they make the most sense. This cost-effective model allows you to avoid taking on full-time commitments the business may not yet be ready for. And it keeps you from paying constantly, for the skills and expertise you need only occasionally.

Taryn M Consulting, your partner in making HR sensible for your business. TMC will partner with you to handle your day to day responsibilities and issues, and/or complete projects allowing you to focus on your core business responsibilities.

Your growing business needs to add some HR functions long before it can support full-time HR personnel. TMC offers a cost-effective means of managing HR duties.

Taryn M Consulting has developed a practice ready to solve client business and operational issues from job content documentation to HR policies and strategies. You might be looking for HR support, but you know that hiring an employee is expensive or you just are not sure you have enough for them to do on a regular full-time basis.

“HR should be on the frontline of managing employee well-being, workforce planning, and in helping manage how organizations reset what they do in these times of change”

– Human Resources Management Journal

Introducing Monthly HR Services On-Demand Services

  • Create a clear HR strategy for your organization

  • Transform from overwhelm to ease with simplified, sustainable HR practices.

  • Go from putting out fires, to approaching HR with a proactive, strategic approach

  • Build an HR function that supports your thriving business/organization.

  • Reduce risk with State and Federally compliant policies.

  • Create and sustain a solid employee handbook.

  • Quickly offload HR tasks to a certified professional

  • Enhance your leadership confidence to build engaged, productive teams.

  • A shift from doing it all – to delegating

Taryn M Consulting HR-On-Demand Consulting Bundles:

Option 1: The People Bundle

HR-On-Demand Consulting (three-month minimum)

For $2,000 per month, you receive:

  • HR Strategy Session to review your comprehensive HR needs & goals

  • Action plan with timeline & recommended deliverables

  • Up to 20 hours of HR consulting per month

  • Instant access to Free HR tools including but limited to strategic staffing plans, policy templates, Employee Handbook guide with compliance requirements and recommended policies, and more.

Option 2: The Inspire Bundle

HR-On-Demand Consulting Package (three-month minimum)

For $1,500 per month, you receive:

  • HR Strategy Session to review a comprehensive HR business needs

  • Action plan with timeline & recommended deliverables

  • Up to 10 hours of HR consulting per month

Option 3: The Empower Bundle

HR-On-Demand Consulting Package

For $500 per month, you receive:

  • Up to 5 hours of HR consulting per month

  • Access to free notifications, reminders, and HR recommendations as provided by legislative changes and policy updates

Taryn M Consulting’s HR-on-Demand offers the flexibility you need, matching the level of service to the size and needs of your business. This enables management of fixed and ongoing operational costs, while you focus on core business. Contact us at today to get started.

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