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Paid Leave Oregon

Here's a quick look at Paid Leave Oregon and what it means for you.

Who is Paid Leave Oregon for and how does it work?

Paid Leave Oregon is a new program that allows individuals to take paid time off for many of life’s most important moments that impact our families and our health and safety.

Paid Leave Oregon is paid for by employers and employees. Employers pay 40% and employees pay 60% of the contribution rate, which is 1 percent for 2023.

On Jan. 1, 2023, if you’re an employee, you’ll start seeing a small deduction from your paycheck. It will not be more than 0.6% of your gross wages.

Employers with 25 or more employees will also start making contributions into the program on Jan. 1, 2023. If you have fewer than 25 employees, you do not need to make contributions. But you will still need to collect and submit your employees’ share.

When does Paid Leave start?

  • On Jan. 1, 2023, employees and employers will begin paying into the new program.

  • On Sept. 3, 2023, employees can start applying for benefits.

As we roll out Paid Leave Oregon, we'll keep this website updated with the latest information, so keep checking back!

Who is eligible for Paid Leave?

  • If you’re an employee who made at least $1,000 the year before applying for Paid Leave, and qualifies for benefits, you may be eligible. Learn more about qualifying below.

  • Whether you work full-time, part-time or for more than one job or employer, it counts.

  • Individuals who are self-employed or independent contractors are not automatically covered, but can choose coverage. Find out if you are self-employed by looking at how it is defined.

What are the benefits?

  • You can take up to 12 weeks off from work in a year. In some pregnancy-related situations, you may be able to take up to two more weeks for a total of 14 weeks.

  • You can take leave a week, or a single day at a time.

  • While on leave, Paid Leave Oregon pays you a percent of your wages. The amount depends on how much you earn.

  • Employers do not pay the employee while they’re away — all payments are made through Paid Leave Oregon.

  • Your job is protected if you’ve been with your employer for more than 90 days.

What life events can you take paid time off for?

Family Leave

  • Birth of a child

  • Bonding with a child

    • In the first year after birth

    • Through adoption

    • When they're placed in your home through foster care

  • To care for a family member with a serious illness or injury

Medical Leave

  • To care for yourself when you have a serious illness or injury

Safe Leave

  • For survivors of sexual assaults, domestic violence, harassment, or stalking

Want to get involved?

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