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Interviewing in a COVID-19 World

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

While many companies are temporarily closed, many have put hiring on hold, but for some businesses, it is business as normal. Companies have continued to recruit for key positions, however with the COVID-19 crisis with the stay-at-home order, remote interviewing has become a requirement, not a luxury.

While practicing social distancing conducting face-to-face interviews may not be possible. Employers are turning to Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and other media tools available.

When moving forward to scheduling a virtual interview, the job applicant should have all the correct information to connect and be able to test the technology in advance if possible.

If you consider recording your interviews, it is necessary to obtain consent before the interview begins. It is also encouraged to check in with your state-specific requirements when recording interviews.

If virtual options are not available, you as the employer should make sure to take all appropriate safety precautions to protect the health of the applicant and workplace.

I would refrain from asking the applicant “how are you doing right now?”. This is a personal question that despite its’ intent to connect with the applicant, it can be a gateway for the applicant to share more than they should. Instead, consider “What part of shelter-in-place have you appreciated the most?” or “What is your COVID-19 nickname or alter-ego?”

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