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My Five Healthy Habits for Working from Home

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

It is easy to romanticize the concept of working from home, believe me, I did ten-months ago. Until now when many of us realize it is not all it is cracked up to be.

While working from home I knew I could hop out of bed and head to my workspace, and immediately dive into my work. I was highly productive with minimal distractions so that was not never an issue for me. But after a couple of weeks, I missed my routine and more importantly, I started to miss who I was.

My mental well-being suffered, and I felt isolated.

After a couple of weeks working from home, I realized I needed to change my habits. Which also included giving myself flexibility and grace as I navigated my new normal. When you lean into changing habits, at its core, it is simply a process of changing what is normal for you.

Keep in mind changing habits is what I focused on. I created my own Five Healthy habits for working from home.

Healthy Habit 1: I set a schedule! This meant creating and setting a routine that grew to feel normal with time and I tried to stick to it.

Healthy Habit 2: I got moving! To me adding a physical component to my morning routine helped me stay focused throughout my day. While working from home, you may find yourself more sedentary and focused as there are fewer trips to the water cooler or coworker drive-bys’.

Healthy habit 3: I got ready! As simple as this may seem, but I got ready for my day as I would be if I were planning to leave for work. Yes, casual clothes were included but the simple act of getting ready helped shift my mindset and positive outlook for the day.

Healthy habit 4: I found my space! This meant moving my desk, multiple times, to find my space. I needed space where I could host webinars, conference calls, had natural light, and would also trigger “work mode” when I entered this space.

Healthy habit 5: I found balance! Although there are so many upsides to working remotely, there are also a couple of things I had to work on to find my new balance. Finding healthy boundaries was one of those things. I was finding myself so focused on proving to others I was working, I forgo breaks, and worked extra-long hours. In time my mind was able to shift, to find a work-life balance that worked for me which included carving out time to socialize (remotely) and be more present at home.

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