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Ready to hit that Refresh button this Spring?

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

After the long winter months, many people are left feeling depleted, both physically and mentally. I know, I was. But after a long-awaited delay in travel plans, we finally got to get away. I know you are reading this thinking you are simply too busy to take a vacation, but if I can do it as a small business owner, you can too! We hopped over to Maui, and enjoyed the sun, the beach, the ocean & the glorious time away from our electronic devices. I was able to finally dive into the book by Kim Scott, Radical Candor: How to get what you want by saying what you mean. Mrs. Scott provides a great framework that shows you how to be both a better boss and a better colleague. One specific chapter that spoke to me was, Motivate Each Person on your Team - "Helping people take a step in the direction of their dreams".

As a consultant, it is my desire to be an integral part of this step for you. Building human relationships - is vital to your success and you must get to know each person you work with. When putting the right people in the right roles on your team, you will also have to challenge people even more directly than you did with guidance - and in a way that will impact not just their feelings but also their income, their career growth, and their ability to get what they want out of life. Radical Candor is about caring personally while challenging directly.

Here are seven simple things you can do to get that “springtime recharge”:

  1. Stay Active – it’s a great time of year to jumpstart your fitness routine. Consider trying a new activity such as kayaking or yoga?

  2. Take a Tech Break – Being connected 24/7 leads to mental fatigue and disrupts sleep. Put that pesky little device to bed, one hour before bedtime.

  3. Get outdoors – Spring is the perfect time to head outside, to fresh air, open spaces, and greenery.

  4. Take a vacation – yes, I said it. Even though you are working from home you still need to take time away to recharge.

  5. Be Social – And no I do not mean social media, or over FaceTime or Zoom. Spring is a great time to be social with family and friends in a socially distanced manner, outside.

  6. Write Down what you are grateful for – Even during times of uncertainty, there are things to be grateful for. Write them down, sometimes all we need to do is take that minute to view the glass half full instead of half empty.

  7. Get Vaccinated – I am pleased to report I received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. I had minimal side effects, but the peace of mind of having this completed has helped my springtime recharge.

Thank you for supporting and encouraging me along this journey & taking a chance on a small, women-owned business that was developed out of happenstance. Reach out, I would love to hear how you are recharging this spring!

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