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The Five Ways to Find a Balanced Well-Being in the Workplace

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

The topic of well-being is getting a lot of attention right now. Living in this new world, where practically everything is shut down, parents are busy educating their children full time, attempting to work from home, while trying to stay connected to family, friends, and colleagues. And if you are anything like my household you are also trying to get caught up on all those home projects that have gone unattended.

Yet few adults are focusing on their well-being. Nor do they see the importance of the connection to their well-being and their work. Research has indicated that individual employees experience balanced well-being, they consistently apply their skills and whole self in serving their company’s goals and customers, are more flexible to change and are more creative and proactive problem solvers.

Five Ways you can focus on balancing your well-being:

  • Purpose – a sense of meaning, purpose, and doing valuable work is more important to employees than pay, status, or title

  • Connection – we were created to live and work in a community and our connections are the most important source of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being

  • Emotion – we function best when we have a sense of satisfaction, achievement, and safety

  • Accomplishment – working towards a goal, finding purpose with a team, or completing a task beyond yourself is a key to finding balanced well-being

  • Health – finding quality time for work, family, and for yourself, including exercise.

Having more balanced well-being is the foundation for trust and safety in the workplace. When trust is present, people are willing to take risks, go the extra mile, and offer their best selves. The sense of safety and security that comes with a high-trust culture allows people to focus on organizational goals and not spending time questioning decisions.

For more information or to share how you are finding a balanced well-being reach out to me at

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