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Your Personal Brand & LinkedIn

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Your Profile

Don't forget your professional photo. Complete your education, add a comprehensive list of your past positions, and be sure to keep your skills, volunteer sections up to date. Include a current and searchable title. If you feel like a pro: Customize your URL.

Connect Thoughtfully

Add current and former colleagues, favorite business partners, managers, network connections, friends, and classmates. The more you add people to your network, the more it makes yourself visible to not only your 1st-degree connections but builds 2nd and 3rd-degree connections. LinkedIn can also provide recommendations based on your connections on who you would connect with at no additional cost.

This should also include:

  • Following companies that interest you both professionally and personally

  • Joining industry-specific groups, industry influencers, and alumni networks

Connect Personally with a Note

Connection requests are more likely to be accepted if you send a brief note along with your request. It can be something small, or simply share you are looking to expand your network. You will want to be sure and leverage LinkedIn on your computer (and not your mobile device) to get the option of adding a note.

Be Engaged

Share, Like, Celebrate, and Post. You will increase your network visibility if you engage regularly. Start small by setting a weekly goal of 1-2 times per week. You will not only stand out, but show you are engaged in your career. Just remember to be thoughtful in your content, keep it professional and interesting.

Ask for Recommendations

Don't be afraid to show off your accomplishments, by asking for recommendations from your clients, colleagues, collaborators, and managers - that personally know your knowledge, skills, and abilities. People feel honored to be asked to give feedback.

Feeling open to new opportunities try turning on the "Open to Work" function. LinkedIn accounts are able to find your profile easier by prioritizing those open to work in their search results. Pro tip: You will have the option to hide the badge from those you currently work with.

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Personal Brand & LinkedIn
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