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Five Ways to Shift out of Survival Mode

Do you find yourself searching for that post-it-note, the one that has a “parking lot” list of projects, you hope to achieve one day? Over the past eight months, I have had the pleasure of serving as an “Interim, Director of Human Resource and Risk Management” for a special district in Oregon. Within the first couple of days on the job, I cleaned off a whiteboard, and wrote down “HR Parking Lot”. This was going to be my project list, which I had eagerly assigned to myself, with the help of the HR team.

Well, like any new employee, (or contractor in my case), I started with a list of lofty goals. The “HR Parking Lot” consisted of items such as: reviewing the recruitment strategy, updating the employee handbook, documenting standard operating procedures, kicking off recruiting 101 training for hiring managers and supervisors, launching a marketing compensation analysis, retooling the rewards and recognition program, and updating the performance review cycle and so on.

I quickly realized these are the reasons, many organizations are unable to move the dial from a compliance HR focus to a Strategic HR vision. Like many of us, each day we report to work, with high hopes and ambition of what we are set out to accomplish, this was no different from me. But within an hour, or two, my priorities for the day had completely shifted to handling what was in front of me. In my office, this looked something like processing an emergency FMLA claim, contract tracing for a known COVID exposure, counseling a supervisor, and chasing applicants down to schedule an interview.

After about, two-months, I quickly settled into “winning the day” as opposed to moving the dial. It wasn’t until the special district was able to recruit and hire for their regular status Director of HR and Risk Management, that I was able to take off my “winning the day” blinders, and see the vision again that was laid out on the whiteboard.

It reminded me, why I started my own consultancy business in the first place, to inspire and empower teams to get out of the day-to-day survival mode and shift that to thriving with a clear strategic vision going into the future.

If you are looking to start moving the dial, but are feeling stuck, I am here to tell you there is a way out of the clouds. Let me share a couple of tips on why hiring an HR consultant is essential:

  • Hiring an HR Consultant gives you back time in your day, to focus on the organization's emerging priorities. While giving you peace of mind, knowing that there is someone else who is focused on strategic initiatives. HR Consultants are focused on strategy, functionality, and human capital. HR Consultants dedicate their time and focus on the overall strategic business strategy to ensure you are meeting your objectives.

  • Hiring an HR Consultant gives you the ability to pay only for the services you need. HR Consultants aren’t paid to sit down with the organizations and focus on relationships. They are, however, paid to understand your mission, vision, values, and current challenges to build a clear plan of action and execute on that plan.

  • Hiring an HR Consultant is like hiring an “on demand” thought partner who is always there to brainstorm, share knowledge, introduce new ideas and concepts, and provides a much-needed level of objectivity. HR Consultants are professionals who stay up to date on the latest trends, technologies, best practices to support your business priorities.

  • Hiring an HR Consultant can be that catalyst for change, you’ve needed to put life back into your work. After managing to stay afloat, navigating through a global pandemic, you and your team are probably feeling pretty fatigued about now. Bringing in new ideas & new energy can help bring life back into your organization, your team, and ultimately yourself.

By finding the right HR Consultant, you should understand your motives for engaging them and develop a partnership to get results. Consultancy services shouldn’t be designed to offer a one-size-fits-all arrangement. Customization allows for services to meet your business objectives, methodology, and understand the difficulties you face. The development of this partnership can be the key to a business owner saving time and money and reducing stress while positioning the company for longevity and success.

If you are interested in scheduling a complimentary consultation, please click here to schedule a time to get started. I look forward to connecting and discussing potential opportunities to inspire, empower your people and meet your organizational goals.

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