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Unlocking Success: Six Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Employee Handbook

Updated: Jan 18

The best employee handbooks offer a reminder of a company’s vision and purpose and help employees throughout their tenure. Here are Six Reasons you should have an Employee Handbook!

  1. An employee handbook is a great opportunity to introduce new employees to your company's culture, emphasizing your mission, vision, and values.

  2. An employee handbook aids in communicating expectations from the very beginning. For example, as a new employee, you are often left confused about who to notify when you are sick or want time off. The handbook should also communicate general expectations around email use, safety, timekeeping, and much more.

  3. An employee handbook should also outline the expectations employees receive from management. How is performance monitored, goals set, and merit received? Having clear policies helps eliminate any confusion or bias.

  4. An employee handbook ensures your organization complies with both state and federal laws. No matter the size of your company, both state and federal laws are ever-changing. Ensuring your handbook is up to date demonstrates to employees you strive to comply.

  5. An employee handbook should communicate whom an employee can turn to for help. Whether it be management, human resources, or a third-party having information readily available for employees can also assist in keeping complaints in-house for early remediation.

  6. Lastly, an employee handbook should be a great place to showcase your stellar employee benefits. Listing benefits from retirement, healthcare, wellness, and any incentives you may offer can help retain your valued employees.

Want to know more about what should be included in your employee handbook?

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