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Elevate Workplace Excellence: Unveiling TMC's Employee Engagement and Survey Toolbox

Updated: Jan 31

TMC recognizes the crucial role that employee engagement plays in shaping company culture and driving organizational success. That's why we've developed the Employee Engagement & Survey toolbox.

This user-friendly resource is designed for easy implementation, providing you with data-driven insights and actionable recommendations presented in a format that can be replicated year after year. Our toolbox simplifies the process, eliminating guesswork and facilitating a clear understanding of how to enhance employee engagement. Investing in this toolkit empowers you to elevate your workplace, fostering a more engaged and productive team.

Here's what the Employee Engagement & Survey Toolbox includes:

  1. Comprehensive Employee Engagement Guide: A step-by-step walkthrough of the entire engagement process.

  2. Thoughtfully Crafted Employee Survey Announcement: Clear and effective communication templates to announce the survey to your team.

  3. Buildable Survey Questions: A baseline of 65 questions focusing on the core pillars of the employee experience, allows you to build your survey to meet your objectives.

  4. User-Friendly Survey Results Action Plans: A template to create a structured roadmap for improvement based on survey results.

  5. Guidelines for Manager Communication Session: Ensures consistency in communication across all teams and departments.

Additionally, TMC provides customizable Survey Results Presentations tailored for both employees and managers. Unleash the potential of our resource set and kickstart your journey to enhance employee engagement within your organization

Client Testimonial:

"Taryn provided excellent support and execution of our employee engagement survey. She was able to collect the data and keep the employee responses anonymous, which is a feat in such a small organization. The end result is a detailed and visual report that can be shared with the employees and guide us through areas of improvement.”

- Laura, Administrative Service Manager

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