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Cultivating Success: Nurturing a Thriving Workplace Culture Through Comprehensive Audits

Updated: Jan 18

Workplace Culture is a key component to understanding the health of an organization, but it can often feel invisible or indescribable to those immersed in it. When you are in the grind day in and day out, it is difficult understanding what our corporate culture is, and more importantly, what areas require improvement. This is why a workplace culture audit is a great place to start. Afterall, culture is your organizations competitive advantage.

Taryn M Consulting has designed a workplace cultural audit to identify, define, and craft your aspiration organization culture.

Whether your corporate culture needs a minor tweak or a major overhaul, it’s never too late to begin the journey of improving your workplace culture. A workplace culture audit can help quantify your workplace culture at a specific point in time, allowing you to compare the culture to the organizational values.

Together we begin by understanding the state of the current culture, using a three-step model.

Step One: Assessment Step Two: Analysis Step Three: Recommendations

The objective of the audit is to help gain an understanding of the current culture, by identifying themes and outlining next steps and/or recommendations to achieve cultural improvements. Workplace Culture Audits focus on communication, collaboration, workplace policies and procedures, and employee expectations. “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” – Simon Sinek, author, Start with Why

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